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My Name is Sam
A story that brings reality to light of irresponsible pet ownership. Everyone should experience what shelter workers must endure daily.
There are many good people and orginizations out there who dedicate their time and effort into finding good homes for dachshunds and other dogs needing homes.

Listed below are organizations that do rescue work or have animals for adoption.  To be listed, please send your information to us for posting.  Please support these people and help find homes for these dogs.

This is an International List, so feel free to send an email to be added.

Dachshund Rescue Organizations
Other Rescue Groups, rescue resources and Puppy Mill Information

Discussion Bulletin Board


Puppy Mill Ring Sites dedicated to stopping Puppy Mills.

To receive a certificate to spay or neuter your cat(s) or dog(s), please call 1-800-248-SPAY (7729).
Transportation Groups that will help get a dog to it's forever home.
K9 Kabbie- East coast transports and now west of the Mississippi River. Door to door service by a rescue person.
DUR - Dachshund Underground Railroad
Air Animal - Flying your pet safely.
Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers - Offering pick up and delivery.
All  Breeds and Animal 
Rescue List
A huge resource of animal rescue organizations
Extensive Rescue Organization List
Did you rescue a blind dog or are you thinking of it? Here is a url dedicated to blind dogs.
What is a puppy mill? Read this.
How to stop a puppy mill! Read this.
Animal Shelters and Breed rescues listed by State. This is a huge resource.
List of Countries
Why "FREE TO GOOD HOME"ads are not suggested. Read and see why.
IDA - In Defense of Animals - Exposes the horrors of laboratories.
Fact sheets of interest that need support.
LCA - Last Chance for animals  - Uses their rights to show and educate on animal suffering. - You'll need Flash - be prepared. 
Products and companies that DO NOT use animals in their testing or contain animal products.- For those that would like to know which compaines are "animal testing free" this is a good list. 
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