Lost, Stolen Dogs  To post lost dogs, please email a short, but detailed description, where it was taken from or lost, along with a picture to info@dachshund.org
Please also let us know whether you find your dog so we can remove it from the lost page.
For anyone who has ever lost their beloved pet, please know that there are wonderful people throughout the Internet that care enough to help find them.  DORG will post lost dogs in hopes that someone recognizes them.  Very often a stray turned into a shelter is rescued by an organization.  Hopefully someone will recognize the dog and we can trace where the dog went or who it might have been adopted to. Please contact the rescue sites and send email to the various dog mail lists.  Ask that the info be posted everywhere and make sure you date the information and put all your contact information.
Posted January 5, 2003 - Lost Aurora Colorado
On friday 1/3/03 our dog was accidentally let out of our yard by a visitor. She is a german Shepherd, Female,  tan with a black spot on her tail and a black snout, about five months old, red collar, her right ear comes down a little, dark spots on her tongue and answers to Princess.We live in Aurora Colorado.You can contact us at (303) 341-7743 any day any time, and ask for Rudy.Any information is appreciated   SINSTER666@aol.com 
Posted January 2, 2003 - Crandall Georgia
Please help me find Penny.  She disappeared from my home off Hall’s Chapel Rd. Crandall Georgia between 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. December 23rd.  She is a very shy dog that was originally rescued and made a part of my family.  She is a house dog that needs very special Love and Attention.  I will pay a reward to anyone returning her to me, or any information that results in her return home.  If anyone has any information please call me at 706- 517-7894.  If no answer PLEASE leave a message.  Penny is a red miniature dachshund.  My heart is breaking please help.
Posted December 8, 2000  
This is "Ice Tea". She is a 5 year old miniature Dachsund deeply missed by her family! We raised her from 2 days old. She weighs 6 pounds & is extremely dainty. Tea was in the car with my husband when he dropped his Brother off in the area of Denver & Hwy 71 in Greenwood,  Arkansas, on April 6, 2000. She apparently slipped out when he got out of the car & was snatched up before my husband could find her. I have had posters up, flyers passed out, radio stations, vet offices, humane societies all contacted constantly. Still, not one person has called. We believe she was picked up by somebody who has had ample opportunity  to find her rightful owners. Also, the local pet stores told me there had been a "rash of thefts" in the area lately. I cannot quit looking or grieving for her. She was my only "child"! If anyone has ANY information, please call.She could be anywhere by now. I will never give up hope that someday I will be re-united with my little girl.  She is still so deeply missed by the whole family.  I still cry about her every time I think of her & wonder where she is sleeping.  Please feel free to contact me anytime you want by email at  gpacrow@usa-truck.com or (800) 336-6706 M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm central standard time. Ask for Trish.
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