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Read the in depth article "What is a puppy mill" by Michelle Wray
Read some articles and stories on puppymills. - These are really worth reading.

Puppy Mill - These dogs live in this small space their entire livesWith all the press, the Internet and animal protests that go on, I am still amazed at how many people have not yet heard about puppy mills.  I watch as people go streaming into our local mall pet shop where precious faces look at you from behind a glass cage.  The public, for the most part, is completely oblivious as to the history behind these puppies.  They only see happy, playful puppies whose only desire is to get some attention from anyone who walks into their little area. 

These little guys are then handed to a person who seems to be interested in hopes that the person will succumb to the emotional strings that get pulled when anyone holds a little pup in their hands. 

The hardest thing to do at this point is to walk away.  How can you not think of that cute face, those little kisses, that wiggle waggle of a tail going as fast as it can.  How can you hand it back?  Your brain thinks, "should I do this, should I buy this puppy" as the store clerk tells you all the options of financing, the puppy's AKC registration and the fact that it came from a "local breeder" who specializes in quality dogs.  The unsuspecting person believes all of this and while holding the pup rationalizes "why" they should buy it. 

Now, before we go any further, we all know this is not how you buy a dog, on impulse, but, putting that aside, let's look at what has just happened.  Joe Q. Public has just enriched the commercial dog breeding business by purchasing a pup that was born in a mill.  That leaves a new slot open and one more pup is now needed to replace the one that is going to their new home.  The cycle continues.

DORG is very concerned about how animals are being considered a commodity, whether it's our beloved breed, or any other animal.  Inhumane tactics and conditions are constantly being subjected to those defenseless animals that cannot fend for themselves or change their conditions.  Please, let's fight for more humane treatment, stricter law enforcement and heavy fines for those facilities or people who do not comply with the laws that are already defined in these areas.  Best of all, if we could, as a group of caring and compassionate people, educate all that are unaware of these conditions, teach and bring forth these issues to make a move towards shutting down these less than scrupulous people.

Please read the articles listed in the column to the right under "Articles on Mills." 

Links for more information 
The Voice for Dogs  http://www.thevoicefordogs.org/
How Much is that Doggy in the Window?  Very graphic, warning!  There is also music that plays when you enter the page.
USDA list of publications and articles on who needs licensing and who is licensed. Guidelines for all animals handling and the Animal Welfare Act.
Articles on puppy mills
Images of Mills
Distubing images of mill puppies and how they're disposed of.
Warning !
What is a Puppy Mill? - By Michelle Wray
Visit one of the largest Puppy Mills! DoBo Tri Kennels.
I never knew her name - A true account of a dog that was taken from a horrible situation.
How to stop a puppy mill
The Story of Chica - A tribute to a pet shop puppy who deserved more.
The real truth. Written by an ex manager.
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