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1 DDX100 I just cannot decide if this is a Whippet or a Italian Greyhound so I will leave the decision to those of you who are owned by one of these delightful puppers. This gorgeous reverse painting measures approx 9 1/2 x 8 inches and is in perfect condition. The picture does not do this piece justice. 
2 DAN100 Metal art deco style Greyhound smoke stand is approx 26 inches tall from floor to top of the Greyhound's head. The dog figure itself is approx 6 inches tall and approx 7 inches long. Rarely do I find one of these in such good condition. Even non-smokers will enjoy this lovely piece!
3 DDX109  This is an advertisement for Friskies dog food. What better breed "to the rescue" then a St. Bernard! This ad measures approx 13 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches and would look terrific framed. 
4 DDV102  The Wire Haired Fox Terrier 1928 is a hard covered book written by Irving C. Ackerman, text illustrated by Josephine Z. Rine and photgraphed by R. W. Tauskey the official photographer of The American Kennel Club.
5 DDX110 The White German Shepherd is a 1988 hard covered novel by Vicki Hearne. It’s quite a task trying to train “ninety pounds of adult dog who already has opinions and his own life-style worked out”, says Diane Brannigan, the hardheaded, wisecracking, totally engaging narrator of The White German Shepherd. Finding him in the first place is as easy as finding snow in the Sahara, when he has to have the size, beauty, presence, and substance required to play the hero in a move remake of The Call of the Wild, and the search for the right dog is an adventure in itself, not only for Diane, but for her love, Luke a disillusioned writer, and her partner, Sam, a dog trainer who doesn’t own a dog. Once they find Jouster, Diane gives herself to the task with ferocious love, knowledge, and confidence, but even she couldn’t predict Jouster’s intelligence, courage, and will. 
6 DDV103 This lovely porcelain Poodle is in wonderful condition (very slight age crazing) and measures approx. 2 1/4 inches in height. He bears the mark from Friedrichsburg Bavaria, Julius Griesbach Porcelain Factory Coburg-Cortendorf, Bavaria, Germany (West Germany)
7 DDV104 This is a Diana Thorne print of a Wire Fox Terrier and Chow Chow titled Attention. It measures approx 8 5/8 by 5 6/8 inches in its frame. The picture does not do this little print justice!
8 DDX111 This vintage pair of Samoyed dogs measure approx 4 inches to the top of the sitting dog’s ears. Hailing from Japan this unique pair has the normal crazing to be expected from a piece of this age. The dogs themselves are in good condition and one of them has the typical smiling expression loved and familiar by all those lucky enough to be owned by a Samoyed.
9 DDX112 This gorgeous 1929 salesman’s sample calendar is a beautiful picture of an English Setter and his master. It measures approx 10 1/4 x 13 1/2 inches and would look wonderful framed. Please note that the picture is quite dark and I have lightened the picture for viewing on the internet.
10 DDX113 Every dog lover will relish this new collection which John Tickner has added to his highly popular Tickner’s Horses, Tickner’s Light Horse and Tickner’s Cats. In Tickner’s Dogs he gently ribs dog owners and dogs of many varieties, including town dogs, country dogs, sporting dogs, show dogs and odd dogs. This 1988 hard covered illustrated book is just delightful! 
11 DDV105 Yowie you can see that this Scottish Terrier does not appreciate the music coming from the bagpipes! This picture is far from mint condition however it seems to lend some charm to it. Artist name appears to be Stothmann and the picture in its frame measures approx 7 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches. It is with great humour that the artist created this piece, the Scotties ears are straight back and up and the tears are rolling down his face. Truly unique this could live in my house iffen it was a dachshund!
12 DDX114 This lovely French card of two Pomeranians is by the artist Ophelia Billange 1916. This card is unused and with the exception of some small wear around the edges is in lovely condition.
13 DDX115 This circa 1949 Chow Chow miniature jug is hand painted and comes from Lancaster England. He measure approx 2 1/2 inches high and is in lovely condition. I have included pictures of both front and rear. 
14 DDX116 I am sure that they meant for this Cardigan Welsh Corgi to be a blue merle! Although difficult to pick up in the pictures he does have a full Cardi tail. This is from the Harvey Knox collection and this porcelain puppers measures approx 3 1/4 inches to the top of his ear.
15 DDX117 This set of cast German Shepherd Dogs measure approx 4 7/8 inches to the top of the dog's ear. Stamped in the back is "112 CHAD"
16 DDV106 This pair of Scottish Terrier bookends are cast iron and are circa 1930s. They measure just under 5 inches hig
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