Sunswept's Fly Me To The Moon

I can take credit for putting this wonderful dog on the earth...

But I have to thank Dayna for all the work that got him going to the moon !
Cody is teaching me agility, and we are having such a great time flying around...literally

                                         Photos taken at the 2011 ASCA Nationals...and yes, Glenda is trialing in a dress !!!

                                                               What a wonder boy, Cody had a ball running agility...
                                                      then scooting over to the conformation win, gathering up a
                                                         FIRST PLACE  
in the Altered Bred By Exhibitor Class !!  
                            That is a smile of joy remembering that Cody's Daddy, Rugby, was a part of all of this...

Glenda and Cody just before leaving Wisconsin, heading back home....
What a great time we had at the 2011 ASCA Nationals !

Coming home with 2 Firsts, 1 Second, 2 Thirds and a Q !!  Wooo Hooo !!

Cody's first ASCA Agility Title:  Novice Gamblers !!  

Cartersville GA, Judge: Andrea Hoffman

More exciting pictures to come !  

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