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Having web presence is the new Yellow Pages! It's now your best source of advertising if you have a business or information to share. Everyone uses a search engine to find what they are looking for so make sure you have a website that works for you! Hand out business cards with your web address and put your web address in your signature line of your email. You have now suceeded to do your most effective marketing for your site. Your web presence is important and also says a lot about you so let PenMarketing help you get your business or personal site off the ground, be effective and look GREAT at the same time!

For more information on any of these plans, please contact me. 

Choose the package that works for you

5 for 5 Plan with free hosting for the first year - $500

If you want a website, but you don't want to maintain it, take advantage of the 5 for 5 website special and get free hosting for the first year! This is a five (5) page site for $500 that I develop locally on my computer. I maintain it for you and is a good choice for those who don't need a lot of updates. I offer free hosting for the first year if PenMarketing maintains the site for you at the hourly rate. After the first year, I'll make you an even better offer by hosting your website for only $90 a year (as long as you retain PenMarketing to maintain your site. This is a $25-$50 savings off outside hosting fees.) This is the best plan for someone who doesn't have time to update their site, doesn't want to maintain their own site or doesn't have many on-going changes. Your site is tailored to your business.

All updates and changes are done by PenMarketing and are charged by the hour and are billed in 15 minute increments. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Set up fee for a full feature, 5 page site with free hosting for the first year is $500.

Charges after the first year:

  • Changes and updates $25/hour (billed in 15 minute increments)
  • Hosting Fee: $90/year as long as PenMarketing continues to do the updates.
  • Your domain name renewal fee is your responsibility

Note: Because this type of site is done with proprietary software done locally on my computer, should you want to move the site to another host or begin to maintain your website yourself, you would have to purchase the software to be able to update the developed website then learn how to use the software. You'd also need to secure hosting through a hosting business outside of PenMarketing. If you think you may want to update your own site down the road I recommend you go with my offer of developing your website on a popular CMS, template based, browser based program. See the information on this to the right under "Maintain your own site."

 Maintain your own site - $500

Do you want to maintain your own site? I can develop a popular CMS website site for you and you maintain it.  A five (5) page site is $500 with one hour of phone training to walk you through updating it yourself. This has been a huge hit and for those who want to maintain the site themselves, it is a perfect option. The benefit of you updating your own site is you can update it when you want. Changes are published immediately and there is no wait time because you're doing it yourself. The look is extremely professional and the browser based program has many features including the option to have a shopping cart.

There are many browser-based website development options, but, the one I use has become very competative and appears to be the easist to use resulting in amazingly professional websites for template based websites. It is the most reasonable in cost for it's hosting and, more professional services (should you need them, such as e-commerce abilities.) You will be required to write all of the copy and provide the images you wish to have on your site.

Special pricing for dog or horse breeders and exhibitors. 

Contact me for your special pricing and offer.

Set up fee for a full feature, 5 page site is $500. 

Charges after the first year:

  • No maintenance charge if you maintain the site yourself
  • Should you want me to maintain your website (or do any type of update) the fee is based on $25/hour billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Hosting fees are your responsibility and will be charged by the CMS company your website is developed in.
  • Your domain name renewal fee is your responsibility.

 To see some of the websites I've develped, visit the Portfolio page.

*PenMarketing Maintenance Plan

All changes, updates or development to a website developed for the client is maintained by PenMarketing. Clients are charged by the hour and are billed in 15 minute increments. The client understands they do not have access to the files nor FTP site and may not change the site on their own while hosted with PenMarketing. After the first year is up, hosting will be at the reduced rate of $90/year as long as the client agrees to continue with the PenMarketing maintenance plan. The client commits to one year with PenMarketing. After the first year is up, should the client wish to move their files to their own host provider, PenMarketing will provide the files and a link to purchase the software to maintain the site. The client understands they own the written content of their website but the design may be reused/modified to develop another website for another client.