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Twenty three years ago, before the term “virtual assistant” was used, I was doing administrative work and web design for a small company in California, yet I lived on the opposite coast. The working relationship worked perfectly since everything our company did could be done virtually. This soon became the perfect working relationship for both my employer and myself since commuting to the closest city was an hour drive. Today I contract to others who need my virtual services and have found that those who have small businesses or are one person businesses find that hiring someone for limited hours helps them immensely.

I’ve noticed a huge trend to do many of our daily tasks remotely and virtually, from banking to online shopping. The trend is to be more productive in a environment that is more relaxed. With technology moving as quickly as it is, communication and file sharing allows for us to meet virtually whenever it’s necessary.

Working virtually works perfectly for me and I am constantly asked to encourage it for others as well. Happy to do so.

Thanks to virtual work I happily put many more hours into my client’s work because it allows me to work in a more relaxed environment, there is no commute time (unless there is a back up in the hall) and with casual Friday everyday, everything is more relaxed and work is done at all hours. I find it works and so do many others. Questions? I’m happy to answer them, so feel free to email me.