Kissy, A rescue wire dachshund

Please take a moment to pray for those lives that have been tragically lost and whose families mourn in the recent terrorist attack on the United States. DORG has listed information, phone numbers and how to help on this page. Peace be with those who we have lost and those who were fortunate enough to survive. 

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This month's cover dogs are Tiny, Dapple and Denny who belong to James Shafer of Sugarloaf, PA. There's nothing like having a representative of each coat in the same family. Cute, aren't they.

This month's articles show a list of medications that your dog might be on and what tests to perform to monitor them.  We also list the items you should keep in a first aid kit to cover basic emergencies. Also in the health end of things, do you know what to do if your dog is stung? Bees and spiders can cause swelling and allergic reactions. Know what to do for an insect sting!

Does your dog bark all the time?  Here is a good article that explains barking with some suggestions to solving the problem. Want to have fun with your dog?  Here are some great ideas and sports that get you "both" involved.

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This month's articles

Rescue - Consider your next pet a rescue.  Rescue offers a multitude of dogs who need loving homes and a tremendous number of dedicated people helping dogs in need.  Many dogs are from owner turn ins, puppy mills and abandonment.  Any rescuer will tell you the amount of love they give back is ten fold and it gives them a second chance at happiness.

Our Product review for the month

NR Mineral Seaweed food from natural  It's a great immune booster and gets a "thumbs up" from the DORG family of dogs.  Read the review.

Please adopt or rescue when you can.  Don't forget to check the adoption and rescue pages, frequently since more information gets added daily.

DORG, The Dachshund Magazine On-Line! wants this to be an  educational and interactive site with an abundance of information  for all dog and Dachsie lovers.  We are please that it continues to grow and want to thank every one that has contributed or donated time to make this as successful an on-line magazine as possible.

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