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All Wiener Art Prints are 8.5 by 11 inches with an image size of 8x10 (or 10x8) and all come with a Certificate of Dachshundicity.
Order 3 or more and take $5 off your order. Order the set of six for $65 including priority mail shipping! 
Shipping on all other orders is $2 for first class or $4 for priority. Canadian orders pay $4 for Global Shipping.
Check, money orders or you can buy prints with your credit card using PayPal.

Domestic Dachshunds in Their Natural Habitat

Surrounded by the familiar comforts of a loving home, these pampered pooches bask in the light of a warm fire and the glow of a dog food commercial on TV (one of them has the remote, of course). $18
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Wondering If There Is a Dog

Both philosophical and humorous, a Wienerdog lies in a sunny field and contemplates faith and the nature of clouds. $12
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Belly Up To the Weiner Bar

Featuring a wangle of weiner dogs recreating at the bar. Above the bar hangs a girlie weiner dog in a yellow polka dot bikini with a come-hither look in her eyes. 
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The Weiner and Child

Created as a Mother's Day gift, this print conveys the love and devotion of a mother and child, er, puppy.
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Created on a late Autumn afternoon, "Faithful" is a rustic looking piece featuring a long dog standing patiently among a pastoral scene of green hills at sunset. 
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Aren't I a Little Devil?

This little weiner lit by a full moon and standing amidst a bunch of pumpkins (is this where Weiner Dogs come from?) wears a flowing red cape and devil horns. Beside him sits a Trick or Treat bag full of bones (ghoulish? Not for a Weiner!).
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