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Doxie Heating Pad
Black, Dark Brown, Rust, Burgandy, Honey Bear, Light Tan
17" long x 5" high
plus $6.00 s/h
Canadian orders add $1.00 for shipping
Color For Heating Pad
Doxie Dolls
(great just for hugging)
Black, Red, Chocolate, Cream, Tan
22" x 9"
plus $6.00 s/h
Canadian orders add $1.00 for shipping
Smaller than the Doxie Doll and so cute you'll have to have a litter for yourself! 

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$10.00 and $12.95
$6.00 shipping and handling
Solid colors are $10.00
Spotted ones are $12.95


DOXIE Bookmark

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$2.75 each
75 cents shipping
Doxie Heating Pad
Designed to aid in the relief of minor aches and pains, arthritis, cramps, and headaches. Contents are polyester fiber fill and all natural products of rice and spices. External materials are a velour type fabric and plastic eyes. All parts of the Doxie Heating Pad are microwave safe. 17" long
Heat for a minute and a half on each side or two minutes if you have a rotating dish in your microwave. (As with anything else, while heating, please do not leave unattended.) Note: This heating pad works like a moist heat hydroculator and will remain warm for close to an hour! It is wonderful!
6 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Rust, Burgandy, Honey Bear, Light Tan
(Solid colors or add black ears to your doxie)
Doxie Baby Dolls
Made from a soft velour type material they are stuffed softly with polester fiberfill, and are machine washable.They are great cuddly babies, great for everyone! (even doggies like to rest their heads on them) Theyalso make great neck pillows for home or in the car. Kids love to cuddle them as well.
22" x 9" and each are adorned with a colorful ribbon and named.
Black, Dark brown, Rust, Burgandy, Light Tan, Orange Brown and Medium Brown (plush felt for long haired doxies) Doxie Baby Dolls are either solid colors or you may add black ears
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