Homemade Diet
DORG Daily Diet 
This is an everyday meal that goes over a quality dry kibble to replace canned food.
1 large bag green beans (thawed)
2 boxes chopped spinach (thawed)
1 bag carrots (eliminate carrots if your dog has a yeast problem. There is sugar in them and yeast feeds on sugar.
2 box squash (pureed type)
2 sweet potatoes cut into pieces (optional but excellent if added)
2-3 tbs.. garlic powder (let your nose decide)
7 lb hamburger (raw)

(This will make a very large amount (at least 14-20 baggies, which can be a two week or a one month supply, depending on whether you use a half bad a day or a whole bag). To test this with your dogs, cut recipe in half the first time)

  • In a food processor chop up green beans until small. Add water as necessary. Put into a large bowl.
  • Add the spinach to the bowl of chopped green beans
  • Chop the carrots in the food processor until small, add to bowl of beans and spinach.
  • Put the cut sweet potato into the food processor and pulse until it is chopped very fine. Put the sweet potato into the bowl with the rest of the vegetables.
  • Add the thawed squash to the bowl of vegetables.
  • Add your garlic (your nose will tell you how much but a tablespoon is good.)
  • Add the hamburger and mix well with your hands.
  • Shape into patties and freeze.
This is meant to be frozen raw, not cooked so you get all the benefits of the vitamins in the veggies and the meat is not dangerous if kept fresh and frozen.

Flatten and stack in the freezer, only pulling out one bag at a time.  If you have to thaw, only thaw 1-2 min in the microwave or put baggie in cool water to thaw.

Put half the bag or the whole bag in a pot and cover with a little water and simmer the mix just until the meat is no longer pink. Over cooking the vegetables will lose nutrients. Remove from stove and add enough cool water to pour over food for a sufficient moisture content.  This will also bring the food to room temp.  Stir.  Pour over dry food. 

If you add any flax oil (cold processed is the best) or supplements, add it after you have cooked the meat/vegetable mix and have put it on the dry food.  Supplements will be innefficient if heated. 

Don't forget to roll a few tiny raw meatballs to toss to the dogs as a really special treat while you're bagging the mix up. They perfect the game of "catch" with this treat.

Do not add corn to this vegetable mix or anything you think might trigger allergies.  The DORG dogs eat this because two have severe allergies to corn and wheat, and this recipe has shown that allergies can be controlled and the dogs don't suffer from their allergies to corn by constant scratching or ear problems.

DORG dogs receive with this recipe cold processed flax oil and NR Seaweed Mineral food both available from http://www. naturalrearing.com.  NR is similar to Solid Gold, an excellent product, but, in our opinion, NR is much better and has shown a remarkable ability to grow a thick and lustrous coat as well as help the immune system by boosting enough to fight the allergies.

Another excellent product to add to the diet is Wysong's "Call of the Wild." This is meant for dogs on a raw diet, but I add it to the DORG dog's food for the benefit of all the ingredients that this product offers.

Dry dog food is good if you can find a company that uses quality ingredients. DORG dogs eat Diamond Dog food Professional, lamb and rice, an upper brand of dog food similar to Innova where there are no preservatives, and no corn. A good quality dry food is important. Look for one without corn or soy as the main ingredient and keep in mind your dog's health is only as good as what you put into him. 

Good luck with the diet!

NR Seaweed Mineral Food: Contains only the best DEEP-SEA KELP. The mineral content of this food is improved by the addition of NETTLE, one of the most vital mineral and medicinal rich plants on land; and COMFREY, valued for its rare minerals, tonic properties, and bone mending abilities. Also added are CLEAVERS and UVI URSI. These herbs are important aids in kidney function, overall glandular health and in particular thyroid function. 

This natural food supplement promotes the general well being of All animals, including; strong and thick coat;  good pigment and bone; healthy teeth; full milk supply in females and strong nerves for all. When used daily for  the pregnant female, it can give amazing results in the general improvement of the litter as well as prevent acid or failing milk and streptococcal infection. A mere pinch given daily is a proven " Wonder Worker" Daily Dosage:  Order from Marina Zacharias at http://www.naturalrearing.com or call 541-899-2080
Maintenance- small dog / cat- a pinch  med. dog - 1/8 - ¼ tsp.  large dog - ½ tsp.

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