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Dachshund News Writers

DORG is looking for  newsworthy stories about the breed, whether they are stories appearing in the news or local stories about a dachshund that you are aware of. It's nice to hear good news and good stories. If you're interested please visit our contact page.

Foreign Correspondents:

DORG is always looking for interesting articles, stories or news events around the world.  If you'd like to be one of our foreign correspondents to contribute some information on Dachshunds around the world, have the time to provide monthly material and news worthy events, please e-mail us with the country that you would be able to represent, your name and your email address. All material must be valid and any stories or news events that you report or reference will have to have the credits included for reprinting purposes. Interested? Please visit our contact page.


Dachshund antics can make for interesting reading and if we all wrote on the ins and outs of our dogs, we'd have quite a story. If you think you have the ability to write a short story that DORG could use, please submit it. DORG will review the story and if it meets the requirements, your story will appear in an issue of DORG. If images are supplied for story enhancement, whether illustrations or photos, please make sure they are owned by you or you have reprint permission for publication. If you would like to contribute, please visit our contact page.

Dachshunds and Sports reporters

Dachshunds are as talented as any other dog in the sports arena. We have many that track, do agility, go to ground, obedience and conformation. DORG is looking for reporting of these events, the winners and articles pertaining to the sport itself for others to learn what they're all about. Images welcome to demonstrate the sport. Please contact us.

Interested in being a foreign correspondent?
We'd like news from around the world. E-Mail DORG if this interests you.

Want to help bring news of Dachshunds to the world?
if you're interested.

Want to contribute stories? DORG is always looking for short stories. E-Mail DORG if you're interested.
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