In the *perfect* world, everything would go smooth with no bumps or lumps, but, since that is not reality, we need to have contracts to protect ourselves and to make sure that we have a legal right to protect ourselves whether it be a sale of a puppy for pet or show, or have a stud dog that is being requested.

Listed below are some contracts that can be used as guidelines for writing up your own.  The best contract is one that spells everything out in black and white.  Leave nothing to chance.  List it, explain it, and make sure you get a signature, ideally have it notarized and if that is not possible, have a witness.  Too many times a sale or agreement is taken for granted when there was noting in writing and sadly, if you ever have to claim a dog back or damages, and there is nothing in writing, it is your word against theirs.  And, you'll have to have the burden of proof to convince any judge or hearing officer that you are exercising your rights.

Let's start off with What is a Breeder?  This is a good list of what a good breeder is all about.

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