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Dear Dach Siegal,

I recently acquired a dachshund puppy following the death of my old 16 year old Pal. I would like to be able to leave my new dog in kennels when we go on holiday, something I could never do with Pal who had to go everywhere with us. Can you advise us what we should do to ensure that puppy settles into this routine. - Gypsy

Dear Gypsy,

It should be possible to achieve your aim if you start early enough in your puppy's life.  Once puppy's vaccinations are done and she can safely go out I suggest you find a suitable boarding establishment and discuss leaving her with them for one night. On this occasion stay home so that the kennel owner can contact you in the event of a problem arising. Take a favorite toy and article of bedding with you when you take puppy in and her diet sheet and information about her routine, any commands she is used to and the name and phone number of your vet. When you collect puppy the next day make a fuss of her and praise her. A few weeks later book her in for a weekend and repeat the process gradually increasing the time she is left until you feel confident that she can safely be left for the duration of your holidays. Most dogs soon adapt to this experience and look forward to seeing their friends at the kennels. 

Dear Dach Siegal,

My 6 month old dachshund, Prince seems terrified of going in our car. When we got him we planned to take him everywhere with us but he has to be lifted into the car where he shakes and salivates before we even start the engine. Within a few hundred yards of home he is sick and miserable.  Your advice would be appreciated. Henry

Dear Henry,

This is a common problem that with patience you should be able to resolve. Discuss this with your vet who may be able to supply travel sickness pills, which will help. I suspect that Prince associates trips in the car with bad experiences. He may have been fetched from his breeder in it, driven to the vets for his vaccinations etc. and this could explain his reluctance to travel. I suggest you try and make the car a happy place for him. Start by sitting in the car with him in your arms. Listen to some music, talk to him and when he relaxes take him back indoors. Repeat this over several days increasing the amount of time you spend and introducing treats as a reward. Later try feeding him in the car at meal times. Once he willingly gets into the car try driving a short way to a local park or area where you can walk him, again gradually increasing the distance. He will soon associate the car with good times. When he is being driven Prince will appreciate the security of a car harness or a travel crate. If a crate is used make sure it is anchored down so as to minimize movement.

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