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South Africa
South African news and information submitted by Bruce Jenkins - Chairman, The South African Dachshund Club.

November 2000

October is one busy month for shows and this year it was no exception The South African Dachshund Club results were posted last month but following this show were two large all breed shows in the Johannesburg area, making for a very busy weekend. TKC saw no dachshunds placed in the groups but the SA Ladies show saw the Min Smooth Ch Grandgables Annie Nonamouse win Group 1. Sadly her owner, Rob Petersen, passed away in November and we extend our sympathy to his family.
Two weekends in Cape Town followed but no great wins for dachshunds were reported. With the price of petrol now going up every month fewer exhibitors can afford to travel to all shows and over these weekends we saw that exhibitors were being selective.
The final show weekend for the year is the Kennel Union of Southern Africa National shows. Best described as two all breed shows and another open only to breed champions. The show weekend moves around the country each year and this year was the turn of Johannesburg. Judges are normally all from overseas which was the case this year. The first show The KUSA Classic saw the standard smooth Ch Waydack Winning Gold go Group 3 under Mrs Genami-Kertis from Israel. At the second The KUSA National under Mr Podesta from Chile the miniature smooth Ch Koebauckers Cloud Nine was Group 1. The third show The KUSA Africa FCI show saw the standard smooth Ch Laddland Wings of Change at Waydack win Group 1 under Mrs Otero from Mexico. Further the Hound Puppy Group was won by the Miniature Wire  Remley Schlosse Rose Bramble. All in all a great weekend for dachshunds. 
All that remained for the year were the various Christmas related events which by the end of November were all completed. Schools break up 1 December for the long summer holidays and the shows only start again in the new year. So with everyone in the holiday mood may I take this opportunity of wishing our readers a Merry Christmas and a fun filled New Year.       

October 2000
The South African Dachshund Club held its championship show on Friday 6 Oct 2000 in the picturesque setting of Spinney Green, Cullinan House of diamond magnet fame. Situated half way between Johannesburg and Pretoria at Olifantsfontein. The judge was Mrs Marci Forrester from USA.

Results Best of Breeds

Std Long
Ch SA/USA Siddachs Maestro to Nibelheim (Robinson) (BIS)

Min Long
Schusborg Star Struck (Schultz) Best Puppy in Show

Std Smooth
Ch Laddland Wings of Change at Waydack (Jenkins)

Min Smooth
Ch Grandgables Annie Nonamouse at Glenflora (Petersen)

Std Wire
Ch Ravel S W Treis Pinheiros of Glenbervie (Peden)

Min Wire
Ch Stelizane's Daisy Rose (McCracken/Kiefer)

August  2000
After three weeks of no championship shows we had the Goldfields Kennel Club championship show in Johannesburg where dachshunds had a good day. Group 1 the aforementioned Standard Wire, Group 3 the Standard Long  Ch Nibelheim Largamente and Group 4 the Min Smooth Annie Nonamouse. 

The Dogmore Dog of the Year show that followed is a prestige event by invitation only to the top winning dog and bitch in each breed. It is judged on an elimination basis ending up with twelve in the final. The Standard Smooth Ch Waydack Winning Gold reached the final where the Dog of the Year title was awarded to the Siberian Husky with a Shih Tzu runner up.
Of interest the Miniature Dachshund Club of the Rand held an open show in the parking lot of a very busy shopping center in Johannesburg. Pedigree sponsored the event and with lots of publicity in the area attracted a large entry. Of more interest was the attraction it caused to the Saturday morning shoppers who surrounded the ring most of the time watching. A very good public awareness exercise and well done to the club.

The last weekend in August was the Kimberley/Bloemfontein shows and because of admin problems the whole weekend was moved to Bloemfontein. Amazingly this worked in favour of the clubs as exhibitors must have felt that with no hassle of having to drive 100 odd miles between the two was worthwhile and entries were over 20% up on last year. Again the Standard Wire, Ravel, was placed Group 3 on the first day and Group 2 on the second.

News from Zimbabwe is that the clubs are going ahead with their shows despite the ongoing petrol shortages and political problems. All overseas judges asked to be released from their contracts and entries have dropped by half. Cherryl Cargill is keeping the flag flying there with her Trafalgar Miniature Smooths gaining Group and In Show awards. Hopefully things will settle down once the land issues are sorted out and allow people to carry on normally.

The KZN weekend is three days for a number of groups, hounds included. The Hound Show on the Friday produced no group placings for dachshunds that I am aware of. Saturday saw Durban and Districts Kennel Club at the lovely Kearsney College venue. The Min Smooth Ch Grandgables Annie Nonamouse of Glenflora was Group 4. The third show was the Pietermaritzburg Kennel Club where again no dachshund placed in the group. The downside of these shows is one has to pack up and move each day which is not fun when one is tired.

Another gap then on to Windhoek in Namibia for the keen and desperate. There are two shows held by Windhoek Dog Club and Hochland Kennel Club in Windhoek by a group of loyal local fanciers. These shows are small but attract dogs from South Africa as it is easy pickings for those in the hunt for top dog points. Namibia is affiliated to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. Best In Show the first day was the Standard Wire Ch Ravel SW Treis Pinheiros of Glenbervie who was only Group 2 on the second day under the judge that awarded him top honours the day before.

Back to KZN for the last weekend in July where the abovementioned Standard Wire was Group 1 at Northern Natal Kennel Club show on the second day. If anyone placed at Zululand my apologies but I was not there and only heard about the Wire on the grapevine.

Mid winter in South Africa and so one goes prepared for freezing weather as all dog shows are out of doors. The first weekend saw Northern Free State Kennel Club show in Welkom, a gold mining town started from scratch in the 50's so the most modern laid out town in the Country. Weatherwise we were in for a treat, lots of frost but the sun was shining so a pleasant day ensured. Top placed dachshund was the Std Smooth Ch Waydack I'm a Winna who was Group 3. 

The next weekend saw the George and Outeniqua shows both held at the same venue in Oudtshoorn. This town is situated in the Southern Cape in the Little Karroo and is world famous for raising ostriches, and believe me there are thousands of them on view on the farms as one drives along the road. You pass through the most beautiful passes getting into Oudtshoorn as it is so situated that mountains encircle the town, which at this time of year are normally topped with snow. The Miniature Long Ch Schusbourg Heaven Sent was Group 3 at George show.

 A few weeks break before the mid July Kwa Zulu Natal shows followed which could be taken up by other clubs wanting to get away from crowded periods. To date none have thought of this.

April News:The first weekend of April saw the Port Elizabeth weekend. Port Elizabeth is a lovely city situated on Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape and is full of history regarding the early settlers to this country.
For Hounds there were 3 all breed shows and a Hound show so worthwhile for many to make the journey. Dachshunds did not fair so well with only the Sth Wire Ch Ravel SW Treis Pinherios getting G3 on the Friday and the Min Smooth Ch Grandgables Annie Nonamouse At Glenflora taking G2 at the Hound show.

The next weekend shows were back in Johannesburg with good entries for the hound show which goes under the name of The Sporting Dogs Association. Got it's title when hounds were classified as sporting dogs, not to be confused with gundogs in America being called sporting dogs. Dachshunds were judged by Mr B Giles from New Zealand. Reserve BIS went to the Std Smooth Ch Waydack Winning Gold and G4 to the Min Smooth Ch Koebauckers Snug As A Bug. The Sunday show was The Teckel Club again judged by a New Zealand judge Mrs. W Dines. Here BIS went to the Min Smooth Koebauckers Cloud Nine.
The Miniature Dachshund Club of the Rand held their AGM on 16 April 2000 and all Officers were re-elected.

The Pretoria show weekend was held over Easter at the Voortrekker Military Base Recreational Grounds.These grounds are great for showing dogs as the lawns are of short, fine grass used for the cricket. Pretoria is a large city filled with lovely buildings and a seat for the government. Although not far from Johannesburg with a lower altitude the temperature is higher and parts are frost free in winter so there are many lovely gardens. On the first day we saw the newly imported Std Wire from the USA, Brazos Ski Rolex, open his points score for owner Mr R Kaser. The judge on the first day was Mr J Lim from Australia who gave the group to Mr N Kay's Std Long Ch De Gratton Dudley. Best puppy in group went to Mrs. R Rullo's Min Smooth.On the second day the judge from the UK, Mr F Kane gave the group to yet another Std Long in Ch & Ch USA Siddachs Maestro to Nibelheim so a complete sweep for that variety.

At present to make up a champion in South Africa one has to win 5 points, the final point to be won after the dog is 18 months old. South Africa is divided up into regions and you have to win these points in at least 2 regions under different judges.
There is now a proposal before the Federal Council for it's May meeting to change this to 32 points with bonus points being won for out of province awards, over a certain number competing and group placings. This has met with outrage from the showing community as we only have 44 shows per year and the costs of getting to them is very expensive. Also minority breeds ar prejudiced against as are breeds with large entries so hopefully the Council which is made up of delegates from all the regions will vote against it.

The Championship show season opened in Cape Town over the weekend of February 26/27 with 2 all breed and 1 group shows being held.  The standard wire Ch. Ravel S W Treis Pinheiros of Glenbervie, imported from Brazil won two of the groups.  The standard long, Nibelheim Largamente won Best Junior in show at the first show and the puppy group at the second show was won by a miniature long of Karswell breeding.

On March 5 the Sporting Dogs Association in Johannesburg hosted the Dogmore Hound Of The Year which was won by the standard smooth Ch. Waydack I'm a Winna.

March News:The shows on March 19 got underway with the Roodepoort and Districts kennel Club.  The entry was down on last year as the show was a stand alone this year so not many out of town exhibitors.  Dachshunds wer placed group 2,3 and 4 which does not happen often.  It als rained all day and the show was held outside so not very pleasant for exhibitors or dogs.  Weith the cyclones coming in from the Indian ocean we have experienced a lot of really heavy torrential rain for weeks now, so we should all be used to it . 

The South AFrican Dachshund Club held it's annual general meeting last Saturday (3-18).  The officer for the ensuing year are Bruce Jenkins (Chairman) Ron Kaser ( Vice Chair) F'Tiaan de Wit (Secretary) and Kobus Reyeneke (Treasurer)  The club address and other contact details remain the same. 

About South African Dog Shows
There are two types of show held under the license of the kennel union of Southern Africa, namely championship shows and open shows.  Every all breed club may hold one championship show each year.  Group and specialist clubs qualify to hold a championship show each year.  The next year's license being granted against the current year's actual dogs on show.  Also, no club may hold a championship show until they have been affiliated to KUSA for 5 years.  Challenge certificates are on offer for all breeds at every all breed, group and specialist club championship show. 

Two open shows may be held by any club during a year.  These are an invaluable training ground for puppies, novice exhibitors and are used by judges on the qualifying scheme to gain experience prior to writing their exams.  No two all breed clubs may hold their championship show on the same day, i.e.: if there is a championship show in Cape Town on a Saturday, then a club in Johannesburg, 1000 miles away may not hold one as well..

There are 44 championship shows per year in South Africa and 2 in Namibia that are held in a period from the last weekend in February to the last weekend in October each year.  This means exhibitors spend 10 months cris crossing back and forth across the country to attend shows.  Distances between cities are vast and most shows are gotten to by car as internal airfares and cargo rates are expensive.

Shows in Neighboring Countries
Both Zimbabwe and Zambia hold shows under their own Kennel club licenses.  Zimbabwe shows are fairly popular with South African Exhibitors but getting across the border can sometimes take hours.  Dogs from South Africa and Zimbabwe can travel with vet health certificates.  Dogs traveling to Zambia have a problem of 30 days quarantine on their return.

Other African Countries offering shows
The only one is in Kenya where a good number of Dachshunds reside. Quarantine between countries exist.

Dachshunds in South Africa
There is a thriving Dachshund community in South Africa.  They account for one third of the registrations in the hound group with KUSA and the same or more entries in the hound group at shows.  We recognize 6 varieties, namely standard and miniature smooth, longhair and wire hair.  The breed standard is that as followed by the Kennel Club London.  Miniature smoothes are by far the most popular nowadays being the top registrations for any variety.  Dachshund registrations combined last year were 4th or 5th in the all breed rankings.  At shows miniature longs invariably have the highest entry of the 6 varieties and find their way into the show ring more than any of the other varieties.  Quality is high in all varieties with breeders spending a lot of money on imports.  There are always Dachshunds in the top 100 all breed ratings so they always make their presence felt in all breed competition.

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