Advertising on (DORG)

  • Breeders may advertise on DORG for free (must meet requirements)
  • Vendors have the free link option or a splash page option.
Breeders - DORG will review all requests and will only list a breeder if they have met all of DORG's requirements.  No puppy mills or animal brokers may advertise. Advertise your Kennel, your champions, your puppies, YOUR WINS!  DORG reserves all rights to reject any advertising if it does not meet the code of ethics that DORG represents.   All ads follow the same setup.

Vendors - Advertise two ways:

  • Free link on the Links and Resources page, or by utilizing a 
  • Splash page that will appear within DORG that can show items, sale, and new products. The splash page will link to your existing site for the rest of your items. Paid vendor ads will also have a banner or logo  placed on the gift page for users to see immediately when they enter the gift shop. Questions? contact DORG or for more details and Pricing click here.
  • Why advertise on DORG?

  • Is there any other place where you know people will automatically go to look for Dachshund items or seek Dachshund breeders?  And, where else would you showcase you wins? DORG of course. It's a great advertisement for your breeding program.  DORG wants to be your one-stop-shop for all your Dachshund needs.
  • Will people contact me directly?

  • Absolutely!  This is no different than if you were advertising in a magazine or the paper. Your contact information will go directly to you. We just gather all the interested people and show them your ad.
  • What if I want my dog to be on the cover?

  • DORG realizes this is the premium place to advertise. The cover photo comes with a story written by you and up to 3 images. Cover pages reach millions of viewers and is the first thing anyone sees when they log onto DORG. We've planned it that way. Introductory pricing is $50.00 a month.
  • Still not convinced?  Preview an ad
Breeder Ad Setup
Each Breeder ad allows:
  • TWO (2) images of your dog (images must be 300 pixels wide or less and sent in .jpg or .gif  form)
  • Your complete contact information. You may include your web address if you have one to allow viewers to visit your complete site for more information.
  • All ads will be added to the site in html format and set up to look professional.  All copy must be provided by advertiser. For more info, contact DORG
Prices are as follows
Cover ad (first page of site) $50.00/month
Banner ad 400x60 pixels  $5.00/mth per page*$10.00/month for one banner, multple banners (must be the same banner) - $5.00/mth each per banner per page*
Small Banner Ad 115x115 pixels or 90x60 $5.00 for one banner per month, for multiple banners (must be the same banner) - $2.50/month each per banner per page*

*Pages for banner advertising 

Right click and save these sizes as an example

For More information contact:
DORG, The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!

E-mail :   Advertising Department
Phone:    321-728-5857 - Monday-Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm

Rquirements and/or REJECTION:  DORG is firm in their convictions that there will never be any endorsement of any puppy mill, animal distributor or any association with anything that harms, hinders or exploits dogs or any animals.  DORG reserves the right to investigate all potential ads and urls and if they do not meet the criteria that DORG wishes to represent, they have full rights to refuse any ad. If money is sent as pre-payment, DORG will return any funds to the originator.DORG is to educate and help the Dachshund lover to find quality breeders who follow a code of ethics and who maintain the belief that the breed is to be protected and strengthened by proper breeding practices and not to exploit or jeopardize the breed by poor breeding techniques or color breeding that produces genetically weak dogs. DORG will not condone what they feel are improper breeding techniques and subsequently reserve the right to list only those breeders that they feel represent responsible breeding standards.
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